Remember That Time Meghan Markle Vacationed with Eddie Redmayne in 2015?

¿A throwback photo of the friends has reappeared online.

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It’s always a weird and wonderful time when two of your favorite worlds collide, so fans of the royal family and 1920's based Wizarding World spin-off franchises will be excited by the internet’s latest discovery. An excellent photo has resurfaced online of Meghan Markle during her pre-Duchess days, which proves that there was another iconic, ginger British guy in her life before Prince Harry was on the scene.

Before she began dating Harry in the summer of 2016 (and, of course, later went on to marry him and become the Duchess of Sussex), Meghan spent the previous summer hanging out with a few of her celebrity friends from the acting world. Amazingly enough, that gang included Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Star, Eddie Redmayne, who appears alongside Meghan in the throwback photo from 2015. So, I guess this makes Meghan some kind of honorary muggle, then.

Meghan was in Instanbul, Turkey when the snap was taken with Redmayne and photographer Jason Bailey, as part of an A-list group vacation for the opening of Soho House in the capital. In the smiley picture, the ex-Suits star is wearing her signature pre-royalty look of skinny jeans, a white shirt and a dressed down leather jacket for a casual evening with friends. When her relationship with Harry became serious the following year, Meghan deleted all of her social media platforms as royal protocol dictates, but the picture still features her old Twitter account handle in the caption. Sigh, miss you, @meghanmarkle.

While Meghan still stays in touch with many of her famous friends from the acting world, it’s unclear as to whether she and Redmayne are close anymore. He and wife Hannah Bagshawe didn’t make the royal wedding invite list, but they did probably catch up with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the opening of Soho House, Amsterdam back in September. The luxury venues hold sentimental values for the couple, as they shared their first date at the London branch of Soho House, and Meghan also reportedly chose to have her bridal shower weekend at their farmhouse getaway.

Redmayne has more of his own royal connections, too—he and Prince William go way back and have been friends for years. The actor attended Eton College, and played rugby there alongside the Duke of Cambridge. Hey, it’s a small world.

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So, that settles it. If Meghan’s going to make any kind of acting comeback in the future, it’s surely got to be worth it for a cameo in the Wizarding World.


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