Meghan Markle's Sister Samantha is Celebrating the Royal Baby By Releasing a Tell-All Book

It's set to be published around Meghan's due date.

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When your royal sister announces that she’s pregnant with her first child, it’s customary to buy her pretty flowers, share a cute Instagram tribute, and promise to be the cool aunt that your future niece or nephew truly deserves. Unless you’re Samantha Markle, of course, in which case only a controversial, tell-all book revealing the ins and outs of your family’s private life will do as a maternity gift. Sigh.

Since apologizing to her sister Meghan Markle on live television back in October, Samantha seemingly took a step back from the limelight to leave the Duchess of Sussex alone, and royal family fans breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, it turns out that the uncharacteristic silence from Meghan’s estranged sibling was actually just because she was busy sitting at her typewriter, penning In The Shadows of the Duchess, to tell the story of Meghan's transition into the royal family and how it's affected the Markles.

Oh, and it almost goes without saying that the book, previously given the catchy title of The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister, is set for a scheduled release that matches almost identically with the Duchess of Sussex’s rumored due date. What a surprise, said absolutely nobody.

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53-year-old Markle has promised the Daily Star that she will “cover everything” in the family's ongoing behind-the-scenes saga, and insists that “the world does not know the total truth… [I’m] holding nothing back.” She dramatically added: “From lullabies to lies, it’s all there in my book.” Lullabies is right, because I am TIRED of this.

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Interestingly, Samantha also explained that she hopes to use the book and her platform in the media to “benefit others and bring about change.” Presumably this does not include Harry and Meghan, who will probably be juggling a fair amount of stress already as first-time parents when the book hits shelves around April/May, and therefore don't stand to benefit much from the whole thing.

In true British style, keep calm and carry on, Meghan.

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