Jennifer Lopez Got Hilariously Pranked by Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, and She Had the Best Reaction

The relationship we all want.

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Since first becoming official at the end of 2016, Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez have become arguably the best celebrity couple out there (don’t come for me, it’s true). They’re not TOO all-up-in-your-face-adorable, but continue to clearly be head over heels in love, and their recent joint Thanksgiving celebrations were almost too cute to handle. But this latest Punk'd-worthy move by A-Rod officially puts them at the top of my list of relationship goals.

As well as being the most glamorous and somewhat extra pair of A-listers, J.Lo and A.Rod still have a great sense of humor—as proved by the new Instagram video that the ex-baseball star posted this weekend. Rodriguez called on “master mentalist” Lior Suchard to pull off the ultimate prank on his girlfriend over the Thanksgiving holiday, and the results are truly hilarious.

In the video. J.Lo enters a dining room along with Suchard, where huge numbers of friends are seated at the table. After Suchard taps each guest on the shoulders and snaps his fingers, his fine-tuned skills leave them all collapsing in unison onto the table, and Jennifer’s reaction is PRICELESS. She explains “WHAT?!” And covers her mouth in total shock.

Of course, it’s a complete set-up and everyone quickly bursts into laughter, and next to her is A-Rod, who looks very pleased with himself. She's still Jenny from the Block, and she does not mind an entire room of people laughing at her.

If you need any more proof that these two are probably going to get engaged very soon (a lot of people think they already have), an actual ring was spotted in J.Lo’s recent Instagram pic. Plus, her newest song called “El Anillo” literally translates to “The Ring", so that’s keeping it subtle.

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