Everly Tatum's Christmas List Is So Much Better Than Yours

Jenna Dewan just shared some super-sweet details about Everly on Instagram, and it’s the cutest thing ever. Turns out, Everly has a very specific and highly detailed Christmas list for Santa, and I want everything on it.

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Jenna Dewan tends to be private about her life with her daughter, Everly, with ex Channing Tatum. The two are co-parenting effectively, reuniting for holidays with their daughter and staying positive about each other’s dating lives. And Dewan is quiet, for the most part, about her family on social media.

But she just shared some super-sweet and private info on Instagram, and it’s the cutest thing ever. Turns out, Everly has a very specific and highly detailed Christmas list for Santa, and I want everything on it.

Just a few of the big-ticket items: “a flying fairy,” “butterfly princess Barbie,” “princess vacuum” (for cleanup purposes, clearly), “rainbow wings—big ones,” “a Dreamtopia rainbow queen dress-up dress,” “cozy wings” (emphasis on comfort, good call), a “dog/unicorn” from Wish Dogs, and “a fairy wand that talks to you.” I’m sensing a theme.

Honestly, Everly has her priorities straight. I might also be asking Santa for a fairy wand that talks to me and a princess vacuum to make my chores more fabulous.

Clearly, Jenna helped Everly (who’s 5) with the very well-written note, captioning the photo, “Got that Santa?” Everly has made it pretty easy, so hopefully Santa and her parents are paying close attention.

This sweet shoutout follows a rare sighting of Everly on Jenna’s Instagram last month, captioned simply: “This little ✨ of mine I’m gonna let it shine ✨✨✨.”

Even though it's from the back, Everly is obviously the star of her mom's life.

The glimpses of her family are super-adorable, especially since this whole split with Channing has me depressed. Of course, Jenna’s got a new boyfriend and a new athleisure line, so I figure she doesn’t need anything for Christmas.

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