Jenna Dewan Wore the Most Festive Outfit to Steve Kazee's "Love Actually Live"

What's the perfect outfit for a holiday party? Jenna Dewan has our back: she attended boyfriend Steve Kazee's new show, Love Actually Live, in the cutest, most festive red outfit. It's not only a declaration of love for the actor-dancer-model-designer, but it's also a cute, and wearable, style choice.

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The holiday season means a bunch of parties—some of which will be fun and festive, some of which will be boring social requirements. What's the perfect outfit for trudging out to the sixth party of the month, you may ask? Well, Jenna Dewan has our collective backs, apparently: she attended boyfriend Steve Kazee's new showLove Actually Live, in the cutest, most festive red outfit.

As reported in People, Dewan sat in the audience (with her mom, who obviously approves!) and cheered Kazee throughout his performance. It's not only a declaration of love for the actor-dancer-model-designer, but it's also a cute, and wearable, style choice.

It's either a red satin jumpsuit, or a red top and wide-leg pants, with a hint of silvery shoe. She accessorized with some delicate jewelry, totally making use of her newly pierced ears. For makeup, she went simple with a red lip in the same color family as her outfit that avoided being too matchy-matchy. The whole look makes the petite Jenna look tall and lean. Obviously, the outfit's not TOTALLY appropriate for every venue—I imagine a low-cut top with cutouts might raise some eyebrows at a work party—but for a gathering with friends to show off that fashion-forward style? Yes!

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Kazee and Jenna officially confirmed they were dating in October and have been packing on the PDA and leaving sweet notes on each other's social media. In the show, Kazee plays Jamie, the writer role originally played by Colin Firth in the Love Actually move. Dewan is so lucky. Not only is she living out #relationshipgoals, but her holiday parties are also much, much cooler than everyone else's. 

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