Meghan Markle's Instagram Page was Just Reactivated Months After She Deleted it

We've all been blessed.

Stop what you’re doing right now because this is urgent, important, breaking news. While you were peacefully sleeping, unaware of the madness that was about to unfold on social media, Meghan Markle’s very own Instagram page was randomly reactivated across the platform, and royal family fans are totally baffled by its unexpected appearance.

Months after it was deleted without a trace (it’s part of the deal when you marry a Prince and become the Duchess of Sussex), Meghan’s personal Instagram page with the @meghanmarkle username has popped back up on the app. Some of her 3 million ex-followers were quick to grab the all-important screenshots, which show all of her old, insightful uploads still in place on ther grid.

Amongst them, there’s tributes to her old lifestyle blog, The Tig, some motivational life quotes, and an appearance from her dog. Her profile picture is still the casual, normal-person selfie taken on a bed, and her bio still reads: "UN. World Vision. One Young World. Suits. The Tig.”

I’m nostalgic and emotional rn.

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But, even more mysteriously, the profile soon disappeared again almost as soon as it was spotted and shared online. While some have guessed that Meghan may be returning to social media (Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice and Prince Andrew all have personal Instagram accounts), royal reporter Omid Scobie has other ideas. He says it’s all simply down to a technical system glitch which accidentally made the account resurface on Instagram.

I personally prefer the theory that Meghan herself couldn’t resist logging in to her old personal page on the way to her royal appearance this morning, keen to watch some cute dog videos on her journey, and instantly panicked when she realized that she’d been discovered. Whoopsies.

Either way, let this be a lesson to us all. This is proof that nothing that you put out onto the internet will ever really disappear.

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