How John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Made the Kardashian Christmas Party Perfect

The star-studded event featured a special private performance.

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This year's Kardashian-Jenner Christmas party, held at Kanye West's house in L.A., was apparently a sight to behold. The celebrity-studded event included Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton, according to E! News. Kim Kardashian took over for mom Kris Jenner to put on one of the biggest spectacles the family has ever seen: an over-the-top winter wonderland theme, including synthetic snow for sledding. But all this paled in comparison to the night's highlight, a personal, private concert—from none other than close family friend John Legend himself.

Legend performed songs off his new album, A Legendary Christmas. Kris raved about the performance, sharing video on Instagram and saying, "Thank you so much for performing for our family and friends last night on Christmas Eve!!!!" She thanked both Legend and Chrissy for all the joy they brought the guests in attendance.

The Jenners/Kardashians have been friends with Teigens/Legends for a long time. Earlier this year, both Kim and Kris showed up to help make the NBC special A Legendary Christmas even more celeb-packed and fun. Apparently Legend (and Chrissy) were happy to return the favor. 

We got a few more glimpses of the party from social media, including Paris Hilton (who went sledding with her old friend Kim!) and a few snaps of the Kardashian-Jenners, including Kendall in lime green and Kylie sparkles that matched Stormi:

Legend also shared a photo of Chrissy and Luna, likely at the same event, Chrissy with the perfect red holiday lipstick and Luna giving fabulous model side-eye. Legend captioned the photo: "With my favorite girls."

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