Meghan Markle Just Let Slip When Her Due Date Might Be

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Officially, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will welcome their baby in "spring 2018," per their announcement in October. But we may have just gotten some real clarity on exactly when. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex haven't commented officially, of course. But the actor-turned-princess may have let on more than she intended after Christmas services at Sandringham, when she and her husband mingled with fans outside the estate who'd been waiting to catch a glimpse of her. According to E! News, when one passerby, Karen Anvil, expressed well wishes, Meghan responded, "We are excited. We're nearly there."

Anvil added, "When I asked her about the baby, she changed totally. She was glowing and instinctively went for her stomach. It was lovely."

That news is interesting. We're still a ways away from spring, last I checked, but the baby might be here sooner than I expected. No complaints, of course. After the glorious pictures from the royal wedding, a picture of a chubby-cheeked baby (with the proud parents gazing down adoringly) sounds pretty perfect. The speculation—and royal baby watch—officially begins now!

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According to an exclusive in the Daily Mail, Meghan attended the Boxing Day royal festivities with Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton, as well as other members of the royal family. Meghan arrived after her husband had gone shooting—apparently, she's a big animal lover.

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Apparently there's been a royal bug going around too (which probably accounted for Prince Philip and Camilla Parker Bowles being missing during the Christmas mass celebrations), but that didn't stop the 92-years-young Queen and her family from doing traditional Boxing Day activities. This is Meghan's first Boxing Day as a married woman, and the last she and Prince Harry will spend as a family of two.

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