Katie Holmes Had the Sweetest Mini-'Dawson's Creek' Reunion over the Holidays

Katie Holmes is currently living the best of both worlds: the actress, producer, and director is currently skiing in a wintry wonderland with daughter Suri Cruise after a warm and romantic vacation in Miami with boyfriend Jamie Foxx. Apparently she's not the only former Dawson's Creek star who loves to ski and curl up by a warm fire.

100th Episode of Dawsons Creek Celebration
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Katie Holmes is currently doing vacation right: The actress, producer, and director is skiing in a wintry wonderland with daughter Suri Cruise after a warm and romantic trip in Miami with boyfriend Jamie Foxx, according to People. While the couple was there, they did some fun jet-skiing and engaged in some, um, highly sexy PDA. All of that pales in comparison, though, with Holmes' current vacation activities—because apparently she's not the only former Dawson's Creek star who loves to ski and curl up by a warm fire.

 That's right: There's been a mini-Dawson's reunion sighting! Holmes and Mary-Margaret Humes, who in case you forgot played Joey Potter and Dawson's mom Gail Leery, respectively, got together in front of a fireplace to share "wine and laughter." Both actresses are fresh-faced and relaxed, Humes in Uggs and a white turtleneck, Holmes in all black. The two stars look happier than they ever did on the show; as an adult, I realize that Dawson's had a ton of over-the-top angst. There's none of that on display here, and Holmes calls the reunion "a gift:" 

Humes shared a similar photo in color with the sweetest caption: "I seriously couldn’t love you more." Humes is apparently taking her role as mother to her castmates very seriously, and it's the cutest.

Earlier in the holiday, Humes had gotten another reunion with her former on-screen son, James Van Der Beek, and his family (did you know he had five kids? Because I did not.). Now, if everyone could just work on getting in the same room at the same time... Joshua Jackson? Michelle Wilson? You guys aren't busy in the new year, right?

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