Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Engage in Steamy PDA on a Yacht in Miami

Starting the new year off right, clearly.

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There are private celebrity couples and then there are private celebrity couples. On a scale of one to ten, where one is "coy in interviews" and ten is "we only see each other during clandestine rendezvous in a secret, sound-proof bunker," Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are probably an eight these days (but, to be clear, for years they were a solid ten, verging on an off-the-charts eleven).

People have been speculating that Holmes and Foxx were a thing for years, but they've only recently come out of their bunker and spent time together where other humans (and specifically humans with cameras and telephoto lenses and paparazzi photo agency contacts) can see them.

The mysterious pair is currently in Miami, where they're expected to ring in the New Year together. It's still unclear if any or all of their respective kids—Holmes' daughter Suri Cruise, 12, and Foxx's daughters, Corinne, 24, and Annalise, 9—are also along for the Florida vacay. What is clear, however, is that Holmes and Foxx are still definitely a thing and that they know how to do a romantic, luxury getaway right.

On Friday, Holmes and Foxx were spotted strolling around Miami, looking casual and happy, before their yacht ride:

Later, the couple set sail on a luxury superyacht (yeah, it's a thing—superyachts are, as you'd expect, even bigger and more luxurious than regular yachts and they are bonkers expensive, so even celebs tend to rent instead of buy) called the Utopia III, where they did the work of lowering the window covers themselves:

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The clear covers provided little privacy, however, so, you know, there are more pictures of Holmes and Foxx, just hanging out and being a couple:

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The PDA moment was captured earlier, before the sun went down (Entertainment Tonight has pictures, if you're interested), but the entire night exuded sexiness and ~love~, as evidenced by some gorgeous nighttime shots of their, um, admiration for each other:

Katie and Jamie forever, right?

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