Australian Open Favorite Serena Williams Practices in Her Traditional Tutu

The Australian Open begins this week, and tennis star Serena Williams is getting back into the game after skipping the tournament last year. Williams is a hot favorite to repeat her 2017 tournament win. Now, we've gotten a behind-the-scenes look at Williams' practice session, and of course the tennis star looks amazing.

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(Image credit: Scott Barbour)

The Australian Open begins this week, and Serena Williams is getting back into the game after skipping the tournament last year, according to NBC Sports. Per The Standard, Williams is a hot favorite to repeat her 2017 tournament win, while then eight weeks pregnant, and claim a 24th Grand Slam. Now, we've gotten a behind-the-scenes look at Williams' practice session, and of course the tennis star looks amazing while doing it.

Williams, who is ranked 16th, wore a black tutu and bright pink sneakers, which might be custom but bear a striking resemblance to the pink Nike Serena Williams collection sneakers. Williams often wears a tutu, but lately she's been favoring a full-body catsuit that she says helps with blood clots—something Williams has struggled with.

In late 2018, Williams literally helped change the rules for female tennis players. The Women's Tennis Association will now allow female players to preserve a special ranking after they become mothers, and will allow leggings or compression shorts without something on top, to boot. So it's actually a bit surprising to see Williams in a tutu, although there's plenty of time for her to break that catsuit out. Plus, she should wear whatever makes her feel comfortable, so rock that tutu, Serena.

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(Image credit: Scott Barbour)

While, she was there, Williams also looked on at other practice sessions with her coach Patrick Mouratoglou:

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(Image credit: Scott Barbour)

Williams hasn't commented explicitly about how she's feeling pre-tournament, but she did take a moment to share a sweet personal moment with sister and fellow tennis superstar Venus Williams, captioning the photo: "Some things never change." Maybe it's a joint practice session?

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