Check Out Tom Hiddleston's New Wax Figure from Three Separate but Equally Important Angles

My, my, my.

Getty Images

Good news, world: Tom Hiddleston has been immortalized in wax as his strapping Kong: Skull Island character Captain James Conrad.

Join us, won't you, in admiring those pecs?

Wax Hiddleston looks ready to take on Kong in his grey t-shirt, holster and gun, black jeans and pair of binoculars. We're into it.

Samuel L.Jackson, John C.Reilly, Brie Larson, and John Goodman also star in the blockbuster, but sadly their waxy counterparts were nowhere to be seen at the Kong launch in NYC.

The picture to the right is pretty convincing, no?

But we can't decide what to think of the wax statue up close.

Here, take a closer look at good ol' wax Tom:

Getty Images

And just one more angle, for good measure:

Getty Images

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