How Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Growing Closer Professionally

Mark SaglioccoGetty Images

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez continue to do everything together, like the cool, in-love couple they are. They're committed life partners—they just sold their home to make more room for the four kids they have together in their blended family. They're also workout partners, as we most recently saw from their #10DayChallenge to go no carbs and no sugar—they challenged themselves, all their celebrity friends, and us (no thanks) to join in. Things are going well professionally, too: A. Rod also just nabbed an appearance in a Super Bowl commercial (Planters nuts, in case you're wondering). Now, the couple is bringing us into their lives even further. A. Rod just debuted his own YouTube channel this week, and it looks like it'll be filled with details of his life with J.Lo.

In the video, A. Rod promises behind-the-scenes looks at him and his family, as well as personal stories, memories from his long career as a baseball player, and news from his company (A. Rod Corp). J.Lo was supportive on social media, retweeting his teaser video on Twitter earlier in the week and sharing the video on her Instagram Stories late yesterday (in between posting pics of her rock-hard abs and gorgeous workout gear, natch). It turns out that all of those videos of them killing it at the gym were more than just fitness inspo for all of us!

So it looks like J.Lo and A. Rod are going to continue giving us more of their relationship, family, house, workouts, and house—more of what they've been doing, basically, but in a more formal way. The J.Lo/A. Rod brand is going strong, and I couldn't be more excited, TBH.

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