The Surprising, Sweet Reason Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Selling Their Apartment

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are making it clear that their priorities lie with their blended family and becoming closer as a unit. Which is why it was so terrifying when the news broke that they were selling their New York apartment, less than a year after they purchased it together. But it's actually for a sweet and pro-family reason. 

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have my vote for best couple of 2018, and they show no signs of dropping in the rankings. Even though they're not engaged, yet, they're making it clear that their priorities lie with their blended family and becoming closer as a unit. Which is why it was so terrifying when the news broke that the actress-singer-producer and the baseball star were selling their New York apartment, less than a year after they purchased it together. Were they about to break up? Was love dead after all?! Thanks to People, which first reported the truth, it's actually for a sweet and pro-family reason

According to a friend, "They need more space with the kids." The source continued that they love the space and the building, but it's just not big enough. The digs are a whopping 3,000 square feet, but the three bedrooms aren't enough for J. Lo's kids, Max and Emma (both 10), and A. Rod's kids, Natasha, 14, and Ella, 10. Phew. All is right with the world again.

Interestingly, J. Lo recently listed her penthouse in the Flatiron district of New York and A. Rod listed his Los Angeles home in November. More efforts to consolidate and give the kids a long-term space? In A. Rod's case, we know he's teaching at Stanford, so he's not giving up his California home completely.

J.Lo gave a sweet shoutout to her twins AND somehow managed to win the #10YearChallenge yesterday by noting that 10 years ago, she was about to give birth, and today she somehow looks more amazing than ever (and still manages to be a great mom).

Congrats, J. Lo, on looking incredible and also on the practical real estate moves!

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