It Definitely Looks Like Kate Middleton and Prince William Had Two Secret Engagements Yesterday

Yesterday, with the big reveal of Meghan Markle's friends sweetly coming to her defense over wild rumors and family drama, it looks like we totally missed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge going about their royal duties like it's no big thing.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Dundee
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Yesterday, with the big reveal of Meghan Markle's friends sweetly coming to her defense over wild rumors and family drama (which I loved, btw), it looks like we totally missed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge going about their royal duties like it's no big thing. I absolutely love it when the royals make secret (a.k.a. unannounced) visits, because even though it deprives me of some gorgeous outfit of Kate that gives me outfit envy, it's nice to envision the royals busily doing their job even when the cameras aren't rolling.

So first to William's. His is more straightforward, based on the Twitter account Gert's Royals. He visited Mental Health Innovations at Phoenix Brewery. We know the brothers love a good pint at the local pub, so this must have been a fun one for William. We do know this week is #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek, and the Fab Four and particularly the Cambridges are focused on mental health as a special focus.

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At least we know something about William's engagement, because we know barely anything about Kate's. All we know is that Kate had a solo engagement at Buckingham Palace:

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So we just know that Kate hosted a dinner, but we don't know with whom or why. What could it have been?? What food did she serve?? I MUST KNOW.

Kate earlier this week made an official visit to Lavendar Primary School in support of Place2Be in a gorgeous neon green dress. Kensington Palace just tweeted Place2Be's mission this week, which is to help "children, young people and adults to look after their bodies and their minds."

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As a matter of fact, today is apparently #TimeToTalk day, where everyone is encouraged to have a conversation about mental health. So could it have been something around this particular issue? Honestly, at this point I've just put on my tin foil hat and am speculating wildly, and we may never know what the meeting was about. But I love the vision of Kate hosting a fabulous, flawless party at the palace regardless, and in my mind she's wearing my favorite dress of hers—that teal Jenny Packham.

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