Ariana Grande Fangirls Over Tyra Banks on Twitter—and Tyra's a Fan

Amidst all the crazy Ariana Grande Grammy's drama, I'm here to ask the most important question. Ummm did we know that Ariana Grande and Tyra Banks loved each other? Because apparently the two are HUGE fans. Even better, now we know exactly how Tyra would make over Ariana if she were a contestant on America's Next Top Model.

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Amidst all the crazy Ariana Grande Grammy's drama, I'm here to ask the most important question. Ummm, did we know that Ariana Grande and Tyra Banks loved each other? Because in the tweet exchange no one saw coming, apparently the two are HUGE fans. Even better, now we know exactly how Tyra would make over Ariana if she were a contestant on America's Next Top Model.

Here's how it went down. Banks, who's just announced she's opening a Modelland theme park (not sure what that's going to look like, but I am IN, Tyra), was gushing over a picture of Ariana and that iconic ponytail. Great use of a pun, there, Tyra:

Ariana immediately lost her cool, in the best way, and professed her undying love for the model and ANTM host. "i always wondered what you’d do w my hair on the makeover episodes. i’m scared to know. but also. tell me. please," she begged. 

Tyra was, of course, more than happy to oblige. Apparently she LITERALLY uses Ariana's ponytail as an example of a powerful visual cue in her class at Stanford University. She also said, "You betta not touch that tail." So, now we know: No big hair makeover for Ariana, although I still maintain Ariana would look amazing if she kept that adorable lob she was sporting a few months ago.

Also, apparently Tyra is secretly dying to be a short girl? Who knew! Ariana summed up the whole interaction for us perfectly.

Okay. Now that I'm thinking about it, I want a TV show for these two. Or for Ariana to guest star on ANTM and give expert tips on her style. Or Ariana to literally show up at Tyra's Stanford class and teach in her adorable pink glasses. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

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