Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Were the Epitome of Honeymoon Period at Her Movie Premiere

And she wore a princess dress, too.

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If your life has become a whole lot less romantic and considerably less adorable since Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas stopped having their daily weddings and parties, then have no fear.

Two months after they tied the knot together, the newlyweds made a red carpet appearance on Monday evening to celebrate the opening night of Priyanka’s new movie, Isn’t It Romantic. And actually, the answer is absolutely yes, it is indeed extremely romantic. Let’s officially consider them well and truly in the honeymoon period.

Priyanka, 36, and Nick, 26, are clearly enjoying every moment of married life together, and the pair could barely keep their hands off one another while they posed for photos. While Nick looked dapper in a khaki suit, the actress stole the show in a Vivienne Westwood dress worthy of any Disney princess.

The custom piece featured a sparkling embellished pink corset with a draped floral skirt, which she styled with simple strap heels and minimal jewelry. Priyanka opted to wear her hair down to show off her newest addition of subtle highlights, while her makeup was fresh with a spring-ready pink lip. You know you've chosen the right outfit when you match the floral backdrop perfectly.

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It was a special evening for the couple, as Priyanka explained to ET Online that the red carpet event, also attended by Miley Cyrus on behalf of husband Liam Hemsworth, was their first movie premiere together.

"I was just telling Rebel [Wilson] that and we both started laughing ‘cause it’s so different... So weird, but fun, and just having Nick with me. I’ve never done this with someone with me.” she explained. "It’s all really new and amazing."

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Priyanka also revealed her favorite part of married life, saying: "It’s so amazing to have someone out there rooting for you... I think just the safety and the consistency of it. Just knowing that whatever happens, you’re not in it alone and there is such a beauty to that.”

If you weren't already hyper-aware of the impending Valentine's doom, then you sure are now.

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