One of Meghan Markle's Pre-Royal Acting Roles is Set for Re-Release

Her movie from 2011 will be back on screens.

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We all have to deal with things from our past coming back to haunt us (mainly thanks to the Facebook memories page)—so spare a thought for Meghan Markle today, who must now prepare to face a major blast from her past acting career, coming in the not-so-distant future.

When it was clear that she was destined to marry Prince Harry, Meghan faced the tough decision to give up her success in the world of acting in exchange for joining the royal family. Since then, she’s channelled her passion for the art in other ways, like recently becoming patron of the National Theatre.

However, according to recent reports, the Duchess of Sussex’s old acting jobs might not be as firmly behind her as we all thought. And nope, before you get excited, this doesn’t mean a return to Suits. Sorry.

The Duchess Of Sussex Visits The National Theatre

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Meghan’s television film, made way back in 2011 and titled The Boys & Girls Guide To Getting Down, is reportedly set to be distributed and re-released later this year. The movie follows a group of twenty-something singles, and sees the now-Duchess starring as lead character Dana, a party girl who joins the gang’s night out in L.A. Per IMDB, it's "funny & somewhat outrageous."

Not much else is known about the production, but MailOnline describe the character as a “drug-snorting, boob-cupping party girl in the tongue-in-cheek movie”. Huh. The internet has of course uncovered a couple of stills from Meghan's role:

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film, directed by Paul Sapiano and also starring New Girl‘s Max Greenfield, was just picked up by Artist Rights Distribution, who plan to re-release the TV movie in North America later this year.

There was recent talk of Meghan making a surprise return to Suits for one final cameo as Rachel Zane before her old show wraps up. However, creator Aaron Korsh sounds less than hopeful about the idea. In an interview with Deadline, he said that he's "not currently pursuing asking Meghan to leave her position with the royal family and join us."

You grab the popcorn, we'll grab the rest of Meghan's movies to watch afterwards.


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