Meghan Markle's Airport Outfit Contains a Secret Personal Detail

Meghan Markle wore an athleisure-chic outfit on the way to the airport last night after her star-studded baby shower. But the most fun item was actually the baseball cap—and the hat's actually a promotional item from Abigail Spencer's old show Rectify.

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In my never-ending quest to find where Meghan Markle gets her cool outfits, I felt particularly inspired by her athleisure-chic outfit on the way to the airport last night after her star-studded baby shower. She really nailed the "let's be comfy on this long flight" vibes in an all-black outfit with leggings, fashion sneakers, a camel-colored coat, and a gorgeous Le Sud Cuyana weekender bag that's perfect for carrying her travel essentials. But the most fun item was actually the baseball cap—a super casual look for ANY royal and a much more laidback look than her normal formal hats and fascinators.

As first spotted by Meghan's Mirror, the hat's actually a promotional item from Abigail Spencer's old show Rectify. Even better? Spencer was wearing the hat on the way to the shower just a few hours before, and left without it. So Abigail just straight up gifted Meghan that hat, am I right?

In my mind, the two had one of two incredible conversations: Abigail: "Happy shower! And here, I'd like you to have this hat." Meghan: "OMG yes please, I loved you on that show." OR, Meghan: "Oh my God, I love your hat." Abigail: "You want it??" Meghan: "...yes. Yes I do." (puts on the hat on top of what was probably a spectacular shower outfit)

In all seriousness, thus far, I haven't figured out if the hat is shoppable, but in this case I'm more in love with the friendship between the two actresses, and Meghan's interest in supporting her friend even while rushing to catch a flight, than I am with snagging a hat of my own.

Here's a closeup of the baseball cap:

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(Image credit: Gotham)

And the picture of Abigail wearing the SAME hat just a few hours earlier as she arrived at the shower:

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(Image credit: Adrian Edwards)

Initially, there were a few reports that this word "rectify" could also relate to Meghan's family, particularly her father and sister, with whom the relationship is, uh, strained. Which, lol, I'm not sure why she'd put a message like that on a hat?

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