The New Jonas Brothers' Music Video Is Exactly How I Picture Their Family Gatherings

The Jonas Brothers just released a new song and music video, "Sucker." Kevin, Nick, and Joe have coupled up with gorgeous lady loves Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and Sophie Turner, who feature heavily in the music video. Is this EXACTLY what Thanksgiving looks like at the Jonas Brothers' house?

Guys, the Jonas Brothers just released a new song and music video, "Sucker," and it's realllly good. It's the first time they've released new music in almost six years, and the catchy little tune shows that they still got it, musically. Plus, their music video shows how much has changed in their lives—all three brothers, Kevin, Nick, and Joe, have coupled up with gorgeous lady loves, Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and Sophie Turner, respectively, who feature heavily in the music video. So now here's the most important question: Is this EXACTLY what Thanksgiving looks like at the Jonas Brothers' house? Because I really hope so. 

The video was apparently shot in England in a ridiculously gorgeous mansion. The three couples party, pose, and dance in an Alice-in-Wonderland-meets-Marie-Antoinette theme. There's crazy outfits, decadent food, and even a conga line at one point (so, again, just like every Jonas holiday?). Sophie in particular shows off her acting chops and comedic timing. Spitting out her champagne? Hilarious! Eating one of the shrubs? Amazing!

Priyanka explained in an Instagram post, "This is the first time we’ve worked together but not for a moment did it feel like work. Such a fun family affair…#JonasBrothers and the #JSisters cheering each other on!"

Honestly, the best part of the video is the sisters-in-law Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and Sophie Turner. (Ok, yes, technically Sophie isn't a sister-in-law YET, as she Joe's fiancee, but the music video treats her like an equal, so it totally counts.) The three ladies dance together, pose together, and just generally look like they're having a blast. They're still BFFs, and I love it.

Danielle got in on the love, sharing a video of the three dancing, captioning it simply, "JSisters ♥️."

Actual footage of a Jonas Christmas?

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