Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Got Cozy at a Basketball Game While Nick Jonas Played Third Wheel

We are all Nick.

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Now that previous title holders Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are officially husband and wife, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have taken their rightful place as Cutest Jonas-Related Engaged Couple, and the latest proof comes in the form of their recent date to the basketball.

The Game of Thrones actress and DNCE singer attended the Phoenix Suns v New York Nicks game on Monday, and looked more in love than ever as they cuddled up and shared a kiss while watching the game. Throughout their relationship, from the early days at a Kings of Leon concert, to their matching engagement announcements, and their recent wedding Save The Date favors, they’ve been nothing but adorable.

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But, during their latest sporty date (for which Joe chose an extremely jazzy shirt, and Sophie looked awesome in a leather jacket and jeans), there was a third member of the gang, happily cozying up with them. Newly married Nick also joined his older brother and future sister-in-law for the game, and was the ultimate third wheel throughout the whole thing.

Let's be honest, we have all been Nick in this moment.

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Sigh. It looks like someone must be missing his new wife—but luckily, Priyanka wasn’t too far away. With the newlyweds having only recently returned from their big (read: enormous, extravagant, amazing) day in India, the Quantico star is back to business at home in NYC, and was spotted heading to meetings with her tiny dog in hand on Monday.

So don't worry, Nick, you'll be reunited before you know it.

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