Will 'Selling Sunset' Have a Season 2?

Netflix is enjoying early success with its brand-new reality show Selling Sunset, which is about The Oppenheim Group, a high-end real estate firm in Southern California. Fans are already clamoring for Season 2.

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Although it doesn't formally release viewing figures, Netflix is presumably enjoying the early success of Selling Sunset, a new reality show about The Oppenheim Group and their work selling high-end real estate Southern California (you know, with a side helping of sweet, sweet drama between the female agents). Netflix's first-ever docusoap's first season is eight episodes, and executive producer Adam DiVello also helmed The Hills and Laguna Beach. And fans are already clamoring for Season 2 of Selling Sunset, even though the first one was literally just released on March 22.

Fans are busily and excitedly discussing the show on social media, which is usually a good indication of a show's popularity. One fan, beauty editor Mariah Leonard, said, "It was the most overly-dramatic and catty show I never knew I needed. Legitimately The Hills of real estate shows."

So, will we get a second season? It's still early, and Netflix is probably waiting for the numbers to tally up, but we're already getting some hints that maybe we will. Jason Oppenheim, who heads up the Oppenheim Group and stars in the show, spoke to Express and didn't rule out the possibility of a second season, saying simply (and quite teasingly), "That will be a decision for Netflix to make first."

Producer DiVello didn't comment either way speaking to Variety, but he did say, "It will be super interesting to see what happens when it launches. Netflix had great insight, most of them are experienced producers. You have more creative freedom." He added, "I guess we’ll know [it did well] if they pick it up again."

While we wait, here's a behind-the-scenes look at the premiere party for the first season (one of the agents is married to Justin Hartley from This Is Us, and it looks like he was there!):

More to come on whether Netflix will give more of us the real estate eye candy—and drama!—we all want and love.

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