Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu Filmed Some Intense Crying Scenes for 'Hustlers'

I'm already lining up at the movie theater.

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You only have to hear the plot of Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu’s upcoming movie Hustlers to know it’s going to be a rollercoaster. It’s the real-life story from back in 2008 of a group of strippers, who come up with a plan to swipe thousands of dollars from their rich Wall Street clients. Based on the New York Magazine article The Hustlers at Scores, the film also stars a host of other brilliant women, including Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, and Cardi B.

But, if you weren’t already planning your quickest route to the movie theatre to see this one, you will be after catching a glimpse of the latest pics from on set. J.Lo and her co-star, Wu, were spotted filming some emotionally charged scenes together on the streets of New York on Monday, and it looks next level intense.

Newly engaged J.Lo, rocking shiny black leggings, a velour hoody, and some boujee platform sneakers was seen filming a heated confrontation scene with the Crazy Rich Asians star, who was wearing the most 2008-esque denim jumpsuit, a puffer jacket, and blunt bangs for the dramatic scene.

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Thankfully, a very smiley, less teary J.Lo reappeared later on to make the whole thing a little brighter.

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It may look like something from a girls' night out gone wrong, but you can bet that this is going to be your new favorite movie.

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