So, Kirsten Gillibrand and Connie Britton Have Quietly Been BFFs for Years

Rachel and Monica. Buffy and Willow. Will and Carlton. Harry and Ron (and Hermione). In the lists of iconic BFFs that make us so happy and a little envious, Connie Britton and Kirsten Gillibrand are right up there.

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Rachel and Monica. Buffy and Willow. Will and Carlton. Harry and Ron (and Hermione). In the lists of iconic BFFs that make us so happy and a little envious, Connie Britton and Kirsten Gillibrand are right up there. The two met in college and have stayed friends ever since, supporting each other throughout life's major challenges.

And now that Kirsten is preparing for a full-scale presidential run, Connie is RIGHT THERE for her friend in more than just words. She's given her full endorsement, helped fundraise, and even spoke publicly about her friend. Here's everything we know about the evolution of these two BFFs.

Yes, really! They studied in China together through Dartmouth "many moons ago," according to Connie, and they became friends then. Look at those spectacular hairdos. The picture also featured in Kirsten's memoirOff the Sidelines, and she told Huffington Post they were quite "adventurous." 

She explained,

One weekend, we went to the beach, this place called Beihai, and we had crabs and all the great seafood. We got home, we were so sick, we were all just throwing up non-stop...and my most vibrant memory is being taken to the hospital on the back of a bike, as you’re heaving—Connie was sick; I was sick—and they gave us this vial of black liquid and it was toad venom and they said drink this.

Dear lord.

Kirsten helped Connie adopt her son.

In one of her sweetest recollections about her friend, Connie explained, "I went all mama bear to get things moving along, and I knew Kirsten was one of the three people in Congress who actually gives a sh*t about international orphans." She added, "It was the only time in the whole process that I pulled some strings."

They still keep in touch.

For Connie's birthday last year, Kirsten posted the same college photo as above and said, "I'm so grateful for your friendship after all these years and constantly inspired by your commitment to giving authentic, strong women a place and voice on screen. Hope you enjoy your day—you deserve it!"

She added, "(I think we’ve both aged quite well if I do say so myself.)" AGREED.

And they talk openly about politics.

As told to the New Yorker and reported by E! News, Connie says, "On the days when I feel really frustrated with what's happening in the news, I'll reach out to [Gillibrand] and say, 'Tell me the real deal, what do we need to do here, what can the average citizen do?'" she said. "Speaking to her is very soothing."

Connie is SO supportive.

Connie was over the moon when Kirsten announced her run. In the Instagram post above, she explained, "As exciting and extraordinary as it is to have a friend run for President (I mean when does that happen?), I find myself even more ecstatic for the country. That a woman of this caliber, this fortitude, this integrity, and this intelligence might have a shot at becoming our leader. That is a thrill. How lucky we would be."

Connie even hosted a fundraiser.

In March, Connie hosted an event for Kristen at the Jane Club, a womens-only shared workspace in Los Angeles. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Event chairs include comedian and TV host Chelsea Handler; actress Casey Wilson and her husband, producer David Caspe; and photographer Amanda de Cadenet. The event hosts include former ABC communications executive Alison Rou, writer Liz Tigelaar and actress June Diane Raphael."

And spoke at her kickoff rally.

Also in March, Connie came to speak at Kirsten's kickoff and spoke about Kirsten's dedication. "She will stand with you, and she will fight with you, and every family in this country as if it were her own," she said. Then, the two hugged as the old friends they clearly are.

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Hopefully we'll see more of the iconic duo as Kirsten continues down the path to 2020!

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