Headed to Coachella This Year? Here Are the Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Find Love

Coachella starts this week, and it's gonna be particularly star-filled this year: headliners Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, and Tame Impala. But what about your stars? If you're going to the music festival, or just want to know a bit about your festival horoscope this spring and summer, look no further.

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Coachella starts this week, and it's gonna be particularly star-filled this year: headliners Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, and Tame Impala, plus other musical acts like Khalid, Zedd, Janelle Monae, Weezer, Billie Eilish, and Diplo, to name a few. But what about your stars? (Sorry, so corny.) If you're going to the music festival, or just want to know a bit about your festival horoscope this spring and summer, look no further. Kyle Thomas, astrologer for Love by Luna, gives insights on which zodiac signs will be the luckiest in love during the cultural event of the year.

Go get it, rams: "It’s Aries season, which means that you wear the crown!" Apparently, "with the Sun gracing your sign all month until the 20th, you will be radiating with a magnificent light that will keep eyes turning your way for most of Coachella this year. When the Sun is in our sign, we feel bolder and livelier, so make sure to throw on your most outlandish outfit and keep everyone gossiping about you!" Apparently Venus (planet of love and beauty) comes right on into your sign on the 20th: "This is a gorgeous blessing from the Universe saying: 'You’re worthy of every ounce of pleasure, so soak it up!' You’ll feel more energized the first weekend of Coachella, but more sensual the second one. Also, with a Full Moon falling in your Marriage and Commitment sector on the 19th, some Aries will be seeing a big focus on their one-and-only—or meet a fated partner who has long-term potential the second." Ok, so how can I change my sign and become an Aries?

If you're a sweet and extroverted Libra, this is the time for relationships. "While you are the sign most likely to partner than any other, sometimes you can lose yourself in your relationships and end up scrambling for balance. The Sun will be lighting up your Marriage and Commitment sector all month until the 20th, which is a fortunate blessing for all Libra already in existing partnerships." The first weekend is best for looking for a romantic partner, and the second better for looking inward towards your hopes and desires. "With a Full Moon erupting in your sign on the 19th, you’ll find that the second weekend puts you more in the spotlight and you’re better able to snap your fingers and get your way...Also, Venus, our beloved planet of magnetism, shimmies on into your Relationship zone on the 20th, as well, so you’ll be able to cast a sexy gaze to attract someone you may want to dance with for months or years to come."

Always known for being a bit fiery (in the best way, I promise), "you are one of the most blessed in the love and romance department of all this Coachella season! When you go, you go hard, so of course you’re planning to have a sexy and heart-pounding experience." Just, like, don't go too crazy, ok? "Until the 20th, Venus, planet of intimacy and beauty, will be sending you sparkles because it will be in your Romance and Adventure zone. This means you’ll be feeling more indulgent and notice that life has an extra special twinkle everywhere you go...This first weekend will be easier for you to lure someone in who feeds your hunger. Then, on the 20th, the Sun, ruling our focus and drive, burns a trail right on into your Marriage and Commitment zone. Whether you’re single or taken, you will absolutely be feeling the urge to merge and 'possess' a boo of your own."

"Adventurous and spontaneous Sagittarius, life is especially hot for you this Coachella season!" Apparently this is going to be a year to remember. "The Sun will be singing through your True Love zone until the 20th...You’re going to becraving new experiences even more than usual, so when it comes to dancing until the sun rises, you are likely going to be the one burning the candle down at both ends." Your first weekend will be more intense than the second, "because Venus, our planet of harmony and sweetness, will be flipping on into this Love Zone for weeks to come. On the 19th, there will be a Full Moon in your Friendship Zone, spilling its light onto your social life the second weekend, as well...Mars, planet of passion, will be roaring through your Marriage Sector both weekends, meaning that sex with a main partner could be extra fiery. This also means that you can meet someone who you have explosive sexual chemistry with that you may eventually want to call bae."

Wow. I'm not any of these signs, but I'm not jealous. Not at all. **sulks**

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