Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are Planning a 'Bridesmaids'-Style Comedy Together

The BFFs want to reunite after Game of Thrones.

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The countdown to the rolling end credits of the final ever episode of Game of Thrones is now alarmingly close, but please try not to panic just yet. Arya and Sansa, better known as Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, have thrown us all a lifebelt and hinted that they’re now thinking about some amazing future projects that they could work on together. Phew!

Confirming that we’ve definitely not seen the last of the Stark sisters as a dynamic duo (although, maybe less vengeful murder and fur coats next time), Turner and Williams have revealed that they’ve already set their sights on reuniting in a very different capacity.

Speaking recently to Digital Spy, 23-year-old Turner, who’s set to marry later this year, said: "We have always said that we wanted to work together again. But ideally, we want someone to write something for us. I don't think people will readily cast us together again, because they will just see Sansa and Arya, so we want to write, produce and be in the thing [we do together]."

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It sounds like they mean business with this future project, too. ”I am not a really talented writer, but I have been reading some books on screenwriting to help myself out, because I think I would enjoy it,” Turner went on. “It’s not something I have ventured into quite yet, but I want to."

And honestly, what they have in mind could not be more perfect for the real-life inseparable friends. 21-year-old Williams suggested that a female-centered, friendship-based comedy would suit them to a tee.

"I think it would be hard to do something else with Sophie that wasn't a comedy, something like Bridesmaids. We'd want to show a real friendship, because I think friendships are written in films all the time but it's really hard for people to show a genuine friendship,” she spilled.

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It's especially magical news when you remember that Williams will be Turner's actual bridesmaid later this year. Cute, huh?

Sansa and Arya in an alternative, laugh-a-minute universe and up to all sorts of light-hearted, hilarious antics? Absolutely zero risk of either of them facing a gory death at the hands of their Westeros enemies? YES, sign me the heck up.

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