Jennifer Lopez Reveals Diddy Apologized to Alex Rodriguez After Leaving a Flirty Instagram Comment

The heart eye emoji caused some drama.

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Romances don’t get much more movie-worthy than Jennifer Lopez and her husband-to-be, Alex Rodriguez. She gave him a signed photo 20 years ago and the rest is history, most recently becoming a fairytale with the most perfect beach proposal and a ring that only JLo could make look casual. Oh, and don’t forget the joint sunglasses line, which is just the cherry on top of everything so far.

But even JLo and ARod face their fair share of drama in the celebrity world. Not only were they hit by a series of unexpected cheating allegations recently, but things also got complicated when Lopez’s ex, Diddy himself, left a cheeky, flirty comment on her Instagram photo.

Reacting to her smokin’ hot bikini photo back in January, Diddy wrote “OMG,” along with the all-important heart eye emoji. Fans went wild at the time, but JLo herself has clarified that it all got blown out of proportion, and Diddy even apologized to ARod for the message.

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JLo, having famously dated Diddy (who she affectionally calls Puff) between 1999 and 2001, reflected back on their time as a couple. During her recent interview with Power 205.1’s The Breakfast Club, Lopez said: “We never lived together. We were boyfriend and girlfriend when we were little, I feel like that was such a long time ago, it was a different type of relationship.”

“So you guys know, he wrote Alex after that,” Lopez revealed, adding that Diddy and ARod are now completely drama-free. “He was like, ‘I didn’t mean anything by it, I have nothing but respect for you guys, I’m so happy for you’.”

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And, while she was on the subject, the 49-year-old superstar also quickly shut down those cheating rumors, too. “I’ve never been with somebody who lets me be the full shining J.Lo and [show] all the sides of myself. That makes me really happy," she sweetly added.

Just another day in the reality of Jennifer Lynn Lopez.

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