Will Buckingham Palace Tell Us When Meghan Markle Goes Into Labor?

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    • The couple has taken great care to ensure the birth is as private as possible, given that the whole world is basically watching.

        File this under "news you can use" and also "so much excitement," because we all now know exactly where to look to see when Meghan Markle is in labor—Buckingham Palace will provide the news on Twitter and the website, according to HELLO!. Meghan and Prince Harry have kept their birth very private, up to and including choosing not to do a public unveiling of the little Baby Sussex, but now we know we'll get an official notification when the process starts. The media also may get a notification about the delivery, although it's unclear if that'll be separate from the formal announcement. So watch this space—royal reporters are getting ready now to break the news as soon as it happens.

        We probably won't get the delivery notice from the Palace, as that'll likely go up on Instagram after the fact. As a review of the royal protocol, Queen Elizabeth is notified first on a secure line (bless), then the rest of the royal family is told, probably to include Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as Harry's dad Prince Charles and wife Camilla. Then, the family tries to have a few peaceful, drama-free hours before the mayhem begins.

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        If I had to guess, I would suspect that there mayyyyy be some kind of notification to a royal reporter in advance of the Instagram pictures that Meghan has indeed given birth—the fact that reporters know right now, for example, that Meghan has not given birth indicates to me that they have good contacts. Also, I imagine photos might be taken a few hours to a few days after the delivery. But of course we will have to wait and see. Every morning I get excited that this might be the day.

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