Um, Does This Picture Prove Miley Cyrus Went to the Met Gala as Hannah Montana?

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    • But lo and behold, there might be a special meaning behind the lewk: One eagle-eyed Twitter fan spotted that it bears a striking resemblance to an iconic Hannah Montana look, and now I think Miley might be a genius.

        Miley Cyrus went to the Met Gala showing off a fabulously glammy, angular Saint Laurent minidress that was all kinds of fun—and her best accessory was her color-coordinated husband Liam Hemsworth, naturally. Now here I am, thinking that Miley's just being her regular old self: edgy fashion with some feminine touches for a fun, over-the-top Met Gala lewk. But according to one Twitter user, I have the totally wrong idea, because Miley might have been doing what has now become a favorite thing recently—channeling her iconic character Hannah Montana.

        Captioning the photo "I knew this looked familiar," someone with the handle @godneysbjs spotted the fact that Miley totally wore a green and black striped shirt performing as Hannah, probably decades ago at this point. And the outfits are totally similar.

        What? Is this real life? Did Miley make a sneaky Hannah reference and I totally missed it? I just thought she looked like fancy construction paper, or a really adventurous zebra. But I missed the secret meaning behind everything! (I figure Miley would have told us if she was intentionally channeling Hannah? She looooves to do that. But maybe she does it so often these days that it's second nature to her now!)

        As one Instagram commenter said, "Now that's camp."

        Here's the post:

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        Ok, well, now that's all I can see. Also, Miley hinted in her Instagram Stories that she's got new music coming soon (she even shared a bit with IHeartRadio), so chances are we'll see more of these musical outfit crossovers soon.

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