The Reactions to Prince Louis' Trooping the Colour Grumpy Expression Are Priceless

It's a mood.

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Princess Charlotte, ever the peacemaker and seemingly the boss in her family, looks like she's trying to smooth things over. But Prince Louis, who made his debut this year at Trooping the Colour, the annual parade celebrating the Queen's official birthday (she has two, dontcha know), wasn't having any of it. The only thing more adorable than how much Louis looks like his big brother George is how sweetly grumpy the tiny prince's expression looks. "Fifth in line to the throne?" perhaps he's thinking. "Are they serious?"

Prior to the balcony moment, but after the arrival of the royal family during the parade itself, Louis and Charlotte popped up to peer at the crowds outside. Louis' little expressions were a sight to behold. Just look at these!

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Those cheeks! That horrified expression! I haven't looked this grumpy since, well, last night, when the pizza delivery guy messed up my order. But I digress.

Like me, Twitter realized that Prince Louis and his early-afternoon grump must be a spiritual soulmate.

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Louis doubled down on his side-eye upon reaching the balcony:

But then! Upon seeing a plane fly over, and getting to practice his royal wave, Louis decided this whole thing was actually pretty fun, after all.

He has that in common with his brother. By the time he was two, George, too, had decided that Trooping the Colour was, in fact, the best thing ever:

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And people are in agreement: Louis was the best part of the Trooping the Colour this year.

And if you already want to relive the whole thing:

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