Cardi B Debuted Two Gorgeous Hair Lewks in a Row at the BET Award Celebrations

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    • The first was a light blue with purple highlights at the base of her head, and the second was a dark blue/black color that appeared different colors under different lights.

        Cardi B, hair icon, debuted two fascinating hair lewks in quick succession as a part of the BET Awards. The first, at the BET Experience at the Staples Center on June 22nd, was a pretty light blue color that had some stealth purple underneath that you could see as she moved, and the second, when she opened at the show itself on June 23rd, was a dark blue and black color that looked totally different under different lights. So, basically, even Cardi B's hair is getting in on the performance action, and she ensured that no one could take their eyes off her face. Smart.

        I think, of the two of them, I like Cardi's light purple and blue. The two-toned color gives it a bit more dimensionality, to me, and it's totally giving me grown up My Little Pony vibes. There's no way I could pull this off, but that makes me appreciate the 'do even more. The dark blue/purple/black feels like a great everyday style to replicate: Can you imagine how many people would do a double-take if your hair looked like it was literally changing color as you walked?

        Here's the look close up from her Instagram Stories (now deleted):

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        And here's the look from the performance in motion:

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        And this is for the actual awards—in some lights, it looks purple or blue, in some lights it just looks black, so it's a cool trick of the eye.

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        Incredible. Cardi, teach me your ways.

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