Jennifer Lopez Greets Tour Fans in the Longest Extensions I've Ever Seen Her Wear

Jennifer Lopez experiments with her look in the very best way. She shared a video on tour, and she's wearing the longest hair extensions I've seen on her.

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Jennifer Lopez, general hair icon and constant style chameleon, experiments with her look in the very best way (if I ever want to branch out, all I ever have to do is check out her Instagram on, like, a random Tuesday, and she'll be wearing the coolest thing I've ever seen). Last night was no exception: J. Lo shared a video of her greeting fans on tour, and lo and behold she's just casually wearing the loooongest hair extensions I've seen on her in recent memory.

She is, of course, slaying. She let her hair be the standout in her outfit, pairing it with a black Guess sweatshirt with sparkly sequin sleeves (ugh, want it), black sweatpants, and beige combat boots that match perfectly with the color. J. Lo had a fun time with her new ponytail, swinging it around, laying it over her shoulder, and playing with it as she hugs fans.

J. Lo performed in June in a glittery one-legged jumpsuit with her usual mid-back length—so this was either a temporary 'do before that, or is a new look for July. I myself haven't had hair that long, but I bet it gets in the way when she sits and/or moves. But, as always, I love how hard she works to change up her vibe.

For context, the longest extensions I've seen her wear recently was in May at The Today Show at Rockefeller Center, which are plenty long.

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And in 2018, she did wear this gorgeous look, which would give these new extensions a run for their money. 

But the extensions in the new video hit all the way down to her thigh and her hair is up in a high ponytail. Just look:

Wow. Either way, I love it.

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