Katie Holmes Posts a Surprisingly Sweet, Romantic Quote—Then Laughs It Off in the Caption

Katie Holmes is on Instagram with a surprisingly romantic quote that's making me very curious. Could it be a hidden message for her boyfriend Jamie Foxx?

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  • Katie Holmes, who is back in New York with her daughter, just posted a very revealing quote on her Instagram that has fans wondering the significance.
  • This could be a veiled reference to Jamie Foxx, Katie's boyfriend, but Katie's caption just indicated that she thought the quote was "funny." Interrrresting.
  • Here's everything we know about Katie and Jamie's relationship.

After a sultry, simmering photoshoot in black and white, Katie Holmes is back on Instagram with a surprisingly romantic quote that is making me very curious. The quote is apparently from Atticus, and reads, "A sky full of stars and he was staring at her." Ooooh, that's beautiful! Katie, what does it mean?? Could it be a quasi-hidden message for your boyfriend Jamie Foxx?

Not so fast, apparently. Katie captioned the photo with a bunch of stars, then wrote, "ha ha! Not promoting this fantasy. Just think it is funny :)" Verrry interesting—as in, I'm not sure how anyone could read that quote as funny, exactly? Comments ranged from congratulating the star for being in a happy relationship, to loving the sentiment, to harkening back to Katie's Dawson's Creek days. One fan said they'd just rewatched the episode in which Pacey said he missed holding Joey in his arms under the stars—so maybe Katie was just giving us all a throwback to her most iconic role.

Fully speculating here, but I also think this could be a sweet shoutout to Jamie—their relationship is still going "swimmingly," apparently—with the caption designed to distract us from thinking she's getting too serious. For the record, I think the couple is the cutest ever, so if it just so happened to be about Jamie, I would turn into the heart-eye emoji immediately. 

Here's the original post, so you can see for yourself:

I really love it, either way.

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