Only Chrissy Teigen Can Pull Off This Short, Long-Sleeved, Neon-Green Romper

Quay x Chrissy Teigen Launch Event
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    • While she was there, she wore an...intriguing neon-green romper that I love for her, but literally no one else.

        Chrissy Teigen just celebrated the sunglasses collaboration she just did with Quay at a launch party. She brought her whole family: husband John Legend, kids Luna and Miles, and mom Vilailuck. And, she was wearing the most striking green romper I've seen in a long time.

        In some pictures, it looked yellow, but based on her Instagram Stories, I think it's more neon green to me in natural light. It's a complicated outfit: The balloon sleeves, the tie around the waist, the long sleeves and short shorts, the enormous collar. Real talk: I would look ridiculous, only in part because I'm much shorter than Chrissy is (I would look like a puffy Kermit the Frog). I think it's her long legs?

        Chrissy accessorized with hoop earrings, chunky rings, and PVC shoes that look like they could be painful if worn too long—but, again, she's pulling it off because she's top model Chrissy Teigen and therefore magical. Because she's Chrissy, she joked that she was at her "key party" (Quay is pronounced key, as opposed to the husband-swapping key party you thought she might mean. LOL, Chrissy.).

        Here's another look at the full outfit:

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        John SciulliGetty Images

        Again, if this were literally any other person, I might be gasping in horror. But she's making this work for me.

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