Wait, Is Gigi Hadid Bringing 'Bachelorette's Tyler Cameron to the VMAs as Her Date?

Could we see a red carpet debut from Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron? According to Us Weekly, who has access to the seating chart, the model has an empty chair next to her at the VMAs.

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Oh my God. Could we be about to see a red carpet debut from Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron? According to Us Weekly, who has access to the seating chart, the model "has an empty chair next to her at the VMAs on Monday, August 26...which may be reserved for her Bachelorette beau, 26. The arrangement shows the Los Angeles native in the third row with an empty spot between her and her sister, Bella Hadid." This would be...a mega-attractive couple, I won't lie. The sisters are joined by a ton of other stars around them in the front rows, including Taylor Swift, Cardi B, and Lizzo.

This could be reserved for someone Bella's bringing—there are some fan theories (opens in new tab) she's hanging out with The Weeknd again after splitting with him earlier this month. But, of the two relationships, it feels like Gigi's is more solid to me? They could also just be bringing a friend or relative...but it seems more likely to me it might be a plus one. When Gigi was dating Zayn Malik, most of the shots taken of them were of their street style while they walked around, but she did bring him to public events like Fashion Week and the 2016 Met Gala.

Meanwhile, Gigi was just spotted yesterday behind the wheel driving Tyler and some friends around, so things are still fantastic in the world of Gigi-Tyler, apparently.

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It's only been a few weeks, but we might get their formal relationship debut in just a few days. I'm shook, TBH.

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