Katie Holmes Looks Impossibly Edgy in a Post-Boxing Workout Outfit

Has anyone ever looked this good leaving a boxing class?

After setting the fashion world aflame with that combination of cashmere bralette and chunky oatmeal cardigan, some people would be content to sit back and watch the world burn. Not Katie Holmes, who left Rumble boxing gym in New York Thursday looking more edgy than any person leaving a workout class has any right to be, thanks to her cropped black top and slouchy-but-fitted black pants—and a killer touch: a pair of spiky zip-up black boots.

Holmes, lest we forget, is reportedly going through a breakup with her boyfriend of five years, Jamie Foxx. Now, my go-to breakup uniform also involves slouchy pants and a big pair of sunglasses to hide behind, but I somehow end up looking absolutely nothing like Holmes here. I'm doing great, her outfit says. Better than ever, in fact! those boots add. (I didn't know outfits could talk, either, but Katie Holmes introduces us to something new in the fashion world every day.)

Here's the full look:

Katie. Katie! It's not fair for the rest of us for you to be able to pull off a post-gym look at the best of times, let alone those boots, let alone in the midst of that breakup.

Whether you're leaving a workout class or going through a breakup, here's how to channel Katie's effortlessly edgy style. (Editor's note: Please do not attend a boxing class wearing spiky heeled boots, no matter how inspired you are. Now, leaving that gym class is an entirely different matter!)

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