Kylie Jenner's Siblings Tease Her About Being a Billionaire, Apparently

Kylie Jenner made headlines for becoming the youngest self-made billionaire. Her famous siblings tease her about her massive wealth.

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Kylie Jenner is an impressive person.

Whether you love the Kardashian-Jenners or hate them, and whatever issues you may take with the "self-made" part of the moniker Kylie has been christened with, becoming a billionaire by age 22 is objectively impressive.

While she regularly splashes out for sports cars and entire walls of floral arrangements (and shares the proof on Instagram), Kylie doesn't directly talk about her personal fortune all that often.

During a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres, however, she did. Ellen, being Ellen, didn't shy away from asking the youngest KarJenner about what it's like being the richest kid in a family of very rich kids.

"[Your sisters] have all been working for years," Ellen said to Kylie on the show. "And suddenly, you come along, and you're the youngest, and you're a billionaire...Do they give you a hard time?"

The answer: Yes, obviously. Because siblings never pass on a chance to give each other a hard time, famous or not.

"It's only when we're in a group chat talking about [how] we should go on a trip," Kylie explained. "And then everyone's like, 'Kylie? Question mark? Are you gonna pay for it?' Just stuff like that. But they just joke with me, just sisters. But they're all really proud of me, for sure."

Kris Jenner, who was (naturally) by Kylie's side for the interview, added, "They tease her a lot."

When Ellen asked if Kylie, as the richest KarJenner, was expected to pick up the tab at family events, Kris, piped in again.

"No, they don't really," she said, before adding, "Just my stuff."

Oh, Kris. Never change.

Watch the clip for yourself below:

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