Sophie Turner Shades Influencer Culture In New Instagram Video

"I don't really give a f*ck because I'm getting paid money. Influencer life!"

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Turns out it's not just Jameela Jamil who speaks out again harmful influencer trends and products, particularly those that emphasize unhealthy weight loss and are often aimed at teens and young adults (like weight loss tea and lollipops). Turns out Sophie Turner doesn't love it either, and she took to Instagram early this morning to make a hilarious Instagram influencer satire.

Using a filter that gave her rosy red cheeks and mouth, Turner explained in a fake voice, "Hey guys, just kind of going for my influencer look today...Today I just wanted to promote this new powdered stuff that you put in your teeth, and basically it makes you shit your brains out and is totally really really bad for me to be promoting to young women and young people everywhere. But I don't really give a f*ck because I'm getting paid money. Influencer life!!"

One of the things I love about Turner is that she's vocal about issues she cares about (regardless of how she thinks she might be criticized), and she regularly highlights causes around mental health that pair with the work she's had to do since growing up on Game of Thrones. So this is par for the course for her.

The whole video is on her Instagram Stories, but you can see it here:

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And here's a still of her "influencer face" (lol):

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(Image credit: Sophie Turner)

I love her so much.

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