At a Local Playdate, Archie Harrison Loved Playing With Other Red-Headed Babies

At a playdate this week, Prince Harry and son Archie Harrison got to play with other parents and their kids. Archie immediately gravitated to the redheads.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Visit South Africa
(Image credit: Pool/Samir Hussein)

So get this: Prince Harry was at a playdate in Windsor yesterday (sounds like it might have been a private event that wasn't publicized, as we don't even know where this took place) and obviously son Archie Harrison was there, playing with the other babies. While they were there, Harry "was delighted to see [Archie] attracted to two other red-headed babies." I'm just gonna put the direct quote, because it's that cute: "Archie had a fantastic time. He was crawling around and was particularly taken with two other red-haired babies."

"Gingers stick together!" Harry apparently laughed.

Um, but seriously how cute is this? I mean, redheaded babies aren't THAT common, so I love this idea that Archie 1) recognized his fellow gingers, 2) immediately started crawling to them, out of solidarity, and 3) Harry noticing and clapping his hands out of glee. This has made my Friday, TBH.

As you'll remember, Harry joked with Ed Sheeran about their fellow redheadedness in a recent video about mental health. Last month, Meghan took Archie to a playdate for the first time, and the subject of hair was also discussed (I feel like Harry might bring this up a lot): "Harry said he’d had no hair for five months, but Meghan told him she had taken him to the playgroup and she said there were other children there with the same amount of hair or even less."

We just got a never-before-seen pic of Archie, which I'll leave here for your viewing pleasure:

Mr. Chubbycheeks!

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The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex Visit South Africa

(Image credit: Pool/Samir Hussein)


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