Ryan Reynolds Crashed Will Ferrell's 'Saturday Night Live' Monologue

Ryan Reynolds stopped by the set of Saturday Night Live last night to crash Will Ferrell's fifth time hosting the show.

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Last night was a big milestone for Will Ferrell. The comedian officially joined the ultra-exclusive Saturday Night Live Five-Timers Club (as in the people who have hosted the show at least five times). It will also forever be known as "The Night Ryan Reynolds Threw Will Ferrell Completely Off His Game."

Reynolds crashed the taping of the show and his mere presence in the audience was enough to dominate Ferrell's opening monologue as the host fought his starstruck awkwardness to deliver his speech.

Ferrell began his monologue by having the audience join him in celebrating his Fiver-Timers Club membership and gushing about how much his time as a member of the SNL cast meant to him. Then, well, Ryan Reynolds happened.

"I’m sorry, one second, excuse me, but you look a lot like Ryan Reynolds," he said to an audience member, who was, of course, actually Ryan Reynolds.

“Yeah, I get that a lot," the actor replied.

From there, Ferrell devolved into fanboy status (which we cannot blame him for at all):

Ferrell: "Is it you?"

Reynolds: "Yes, it’s me."

Ferrell: "Oh, oh wow OK, cool, welcome to the show."

Reynolds: "Thank you, I'm a big fan."

Ferrell: "A big fan of me? Oh, OK. Fine. I didn't know you were gonna be here, OK...I can't believe you're here."

Ferrell then asked the most obvious question—if Reynolds' wife, Blake Lively, was also a fan.

"And she likes me too?" Ferrell asked.

"Probably more than me," Reynolds replied, prompting a bout of nervous laughter from the host.

Ferrell was unable to focus on his monologue with Reynolds in the audience and eventually another former SNL cast member, Tracy Morgan, had to step in to save the day. 

"Ryan Reynolds, you listen to me!" Morgan said. "The prophecy must be fulfilled! This is Will Ferrell! I suckled from his comedy bosom, and like a young Luke Skywalker, it filled me with strength!"

Ferrell did eventually finish his monologue and Reynolds stuck around for the show, even putting in an appearance on Weekend Update, alongside Colin Jost, who got engaged to Reynolds' ex-wife, Scarlett Johansson, earlier this year.

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