Katie Holmes's Throwback Instagram Photo Is Proof She Hasn't Aged a Day

In a flashback Friday photo, actor Katie Holmes posted a 1998 shot of her right at the start of her Dawson's Creek days. The photo is, predictably, gorgeous, and she looks the same now.

Katie Holmes Attends McHappy Day
(Image credit: Jim Spellman)

Katie Holmes was really feeling nostalgic today—she posted a Flashback Friday pic that, no surprise, shows that's she's always been gorgeous (Katie, did you ever have braces or ever not know what to do with your hair? Just me? Dammit.). Captioning the photo, "#fbf photo by my friend Mark Seliger," Holmes is wearing overall shorts and a tank top underneath (very '90s, I approve) gorgeous, thick hair in natural waves, and a tiny smile.

This was riiiight around the start of her Dawson's Creek days. The show started when she was 20 in 1998, and it was one of her first roles. Holmes actually commented on the post saying that the photo was taken in 1998, so that's exactly when the show was premiering. She looks amazing.

Fans immediately started calling her Joey Petter (her character name), telling her that Dawson's was their favorite show ever, and begging her to bring it back (lol). I mean, if she's feeling it, let's get the cast back together! What are the characters doing in 2019? I want to know! Just last month, she refused to rule out a reboot, so...fingers crossed, is what I'm saying.

Here's the Flashback Friday photo: 

And there are other photos from the shoot (some of which are in color) for Rolling Stone:

Also, I'll reiterate: She has not aged a day. 

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