Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Still Have a Gloriously "Flirtatious" Relationship

In an exclusive with Us Weekly, a source shared that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have a "flirtatious" relationship. Of course, they insist it's platonic.

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If you ever stayed friends with an ex, first of all, congratulations, because that is a high level of difficulty that I have never managed to accomplish. Second of all, you probably know that special bond that you two share, despite being broken up? Where you have inside jokes and you just get each other completely? Yea, well, according to a source talking to Us Weekly, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt still totally have the same vibe—nearly 15 years after their messy split. 

“Brad and Jen have a wonderful connection that might seem flirtatious at times,” the source explained. “They dig each other’s sense of humor and have an infectious energy when they’re together, but they insist things are purely platonic and nothing more than that.”


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“It took a while for Jen to heal and for Brad to stop feeling bad for how he left her back in 2005,” the source added. “This is something they’ve taken their time with, and they’re well aware of the hysteria around their relationship among their fans.” (I guess that's probably me too, because I loved them together.)

Oh and also, they talk, you guys. "Their bond is solid. They’ve come a really long way." That includes Pitt coming to her holiday party and 50th birthday bash earlier this year, so, yea. They talk, if you know what I mean.

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Jen and Brad forever, not sorry.

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