Prince George Wears Plaid Pants in a New Portrait of Four Generations of Royals

In a new portrait of four generations of the royal family, Prince George is wearing plaid pants. Pants, not shorts. Also, plaid. It's a big deal.

And on the third day (of January), God gave us Prince George wearing plaid pants. Yes, the rumors are true: In a new portrait released Friday evening UK time, George, the youngest of the immediate heirs to the British throne, is photographed standing with the three in front of him in line, Prince William, Prince Charles, and, of course, the Queen. It's a lovely, regal portrait, but do not allow yourself to be distracted. The most important part is that Prince George is wearing plaid pants.

First: The plaid! Prince George was clearly paying attention at last spring's Paris Fashion Week, where designers' fall/winter collections were filled with plaid. Or perhaps, even more likely, the bold choice is symbolic. Like his mother, Kate Middleton, and aunt, Meghan Markle, who often use their clothes as an opportunity to send a message or champion certain designers, Prince George (or, really, in this case the royal family since a six-year-old likely isn't dressing himself for a moment like this!) could be saying something with this fashion pick. In spite of Scottish independence efforts in recent years, and in spite of the ongoing shadow of Brexit, George wearing what appears to be Scottish Black Watch tartan trousers in this portrait shows that the royal family continues to take pride in the future of their union.

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Second: Long pants! If you keep up with George, you'll know that he is almost always seen in shorts. That's because, per royal tradition, trousers are reserved for "older" boys. (I quote: "It is considered very suburban for a little boy to be in long trousers when he is just a little boy.") Now he's the oldest of three, now that he's six years old (seven later this year!), George is no longer a "little" boy. The not-so-little prince has been photographed before wearing long trousers, but not in a formal setting like this one. Not in a photograph that will hang on the hallowed halls of Buckingham Palace for decades to come. Centuries!

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Prince George, in shorts, in the last formal photo taken of the four successors to the throne.

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Feeling blessed? Inspired? Yes, me too. If you, too, badly want your own pair of plaid trousers, we've taken the liberty of collecting a few of our favorites for you. Don't thank us. Thank Prince George.

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