Jess Mulroney Sends a Quiet Message of Support to BFF Meghan Markle

 After the shock announcement that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would be resigning as senior royals, Jessica Mulroney shared a supportive quote on Instagram.

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  • After the shock announcement that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would be resigning as senior royals, Jessica Mulroney shared a supportive quote on Instagram.
  • Mulroney didn't connect the quote to her friend explicitly, but she's been helping Meghan during the split and has been an integral part of her life for a long time.
  • ICYMI, here's more detail about Markle's BFF.

It looks like Jessica Mulroney has a quiet, but powerful, take on all this royal drama involving her BFF Meghan Markle. On her Instagram, she posted a quote yesterday from Gina Carey: "A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink." Mulroney turned off comments on the post, too, potentially as a way to indicate that she would not be taking any troll comments at this time, thank you very much.

Getting this out of the way, of course this could be totally random and have nothing at all whatsoever to do with the drama with Meghan. But that seems unlikely. As we know, Mulroney has been a huge supporter of Meghan for a long time. She never betrays her friend's confidence by speaking about their relationship to the media, and she was integral to Meghan's wedding to Prince Harry and her U.S. baby shower.

According to reports, she even helped watch over Archie while Meghan and Harry were in the U.K. meeting about their resignation as senior members of the Royal Family (Meghan has since returned to Canada to be with her son and BFF). Rumors that they will set themselves up in Canada also make note of the fact that Mulroney and her family live in Canada, which may play an important role in the Sussexes' decision. 

And Mulroney has addressed the trolling of and expressed support for her friend in the past. So it's a good chance that this is a way of showing undivided loyalty to her pal, as Meghan begins the arduous process of hashing things out with the Royal Family.

Here's the post:

Love it.

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