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John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Will Take Two Strangers on a Double Date

Um, yes please?

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  • Adorable and private couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are working with Omaze to take one (very) lucky couple with them to the premiere of A Quiet Place Part II.
    • The video below has the kind of sweet, sweet banter that I've come to expect from the couple. Seriously, it's really cute.

        Yes, you read that right: Via Omaze, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are taking one couple with them to the premiere of A Quiet Place Part II—pre-party cocktails, red carpet pics, exclusive afterparty, plus the chance to hang out with the coolest couple ever and stay in a four-star hotel? Yes please. Krasinski just posted the video on social media, and fans got very excited (when they weren't lamenting that they didn't have a girlfriend/boyfriend to bring on the date).

        The entire endeavor is to benefit Family Reach, which provides assistance for families that are affected by cancer. You have 20 days left, as of this writing, to enter. This is actually not the first time the couple has done a charitable double date contest (they also did something similar for A Quiet Place). Um, where do I sign up? Can I enter multiple times? Is it weird if I just run up to them and shriek "I love you both!" at the top of my lungs?

        But of course, I'm really here for the video of the sweet banter between the couple, who talk about being DTF (that's "discussing the film," according to Krasinski, lol) and how Blunt will definitely ask the two of you when you're getting married/if you're already married. And Krasinski will invite you to a couples' vacation group that miiiiight be a cult? Seriously, it's worth it to just watch the two giggle at each other.

        Here is the entire glorious video:

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        I love you both!!

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