Kylie Jenner Gets a Super-Short Bob and Jokingly Complains Her Hairstylist "Cut Off All My Hair"

Kylie Jenner
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  • The third Kardashian to get a hair change recently (ICYMI, Kim Kardashian and sister Khloe both went "bronde" and Khloe got a cut), Kylie Jenner got a short bob—the shortest it's been in a while.
  • Jenner cut inches from her hair, and complained that Jesus Guerrero said he was only giving her a trim. She was kidding, though, so this is definitely an intentional change.
  • Khloe has a whole room for extensions, so you know that hair is huge for the Kardashian-Jenners.

Another day, another Kardashian-Jenner hair change—although this one, hilariously, might be an accident?? It's totally not, but Kylie Jenner wants you to think it is: She cut off inches from her hair, but she complained that her hairstylist Jesus Guerrero totally made a mistake.

Captioning the video "@jesushair said he was giving me a trim and cut off all my hair," Jenner turns her head back and forth, fluffing the hair and clearly admiring it (in later videos she's even goofing off with her team). Poor Guerrero responded on his own Stories that "@kyliejenner is trying to play me." Can you imagine: you have a huge celeb client and you try to do your very best work and THEN she fake-complains that it's totally a mistake?? I would die. Clearly, though, it's all in good fun: Guerrero works with her a ton. 

Stating the obvious here, the Kardashian-Jenners love a good switch-up, and they're the queens of extensions (Jenner's sister Khloe Kardashian has a whole room devoted to them, so.) Jenner has mostly been preferring what looks like long, black extensions and/or wigs. The majority of pics on her Instagram shows her with longer hair, although a post on February 2 shows her, potentially extensionless, with hair juuuust past her shoulders (below). Either way, though, this is a pretty major cut.

Here's the look from Jenner's Stories:

Kylie Jenner

(Image credit: Kylie Jenner / Instagram)

And Guerrero's response (lol):

Kylie Jenner

(Image credit: Instagram / Jesus Guerrero)

Here's her hair just a couple weeks ago:

But she's mostly been wearing it long:

So this feels like a significant cut! I hope she keeps wearing it like that.

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