Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Demands a Haircut From Jen Atkin for $5

Luna Legend, the budding singer/model/dancer/EGOT winner who happens to be the daughter of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, is ready for a haircut.

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  • Luna Legend, the budding singer/model/dancer/EGOT winner who happens to be the daughter of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, is ready for a haircut.
  • And she will only work with celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, and she will only pay $5. Go Luna!!
  • This is just the latest in delightful, mildly terrifying Luna news.

Luna Legend knows exactly what she wants, just like her mom Chrissy Teigen, and isn't afraid to ask. She says she's finally ready for a haircut (maybe her first ever? Unclear.)—and she will only work with the best of the best, a.k.a. celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin.

Captioning the video, "@jenatkinhair FINALLY WANTS ONE," Luna explains to her parents, "I want a haircut right now!" Teigen is delighted, saying, "She's ready for a haircut!" "Auntie Jen, she needs you," responds hubby John Legend. "But just a little bit, huh?" begs Teigen (she clearly loves her daughter's adorable hair and wants her to keep it). John asks Atkin, "What's your day rate?" And Luna replies, "$5." HA! A $5 haircut from Jen Atkin would be an absolute steal so well done, Luna.

Atkin was 100 percent game: She replied on her own Instagram Stories, "I WILL BE RIGHT OVER and we can [talk] pricing," she wrote.

Teigen and Atkin have the kind of relationship where they jokingly roast each other; Teigen even "threatened" to fire Atkin a couple years ago to save "a lot of money" (LOL). Hence the questions about day rates, I love it. Considering that Atkin literally just worked with Teigen, I'm pretty sure everything is fine. 

The video's in Teigen's Stories, and here's Atkin's response:

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Ok but I would also like a $5 haircut from Jen Atkin, so, how do I get that deal??

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