Chrissy Teigen Solved a Longstanding Fan Mystery With Her Dolly Parton Challenge

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  • The Dolly Parton Challenge has been going viral this week and, on Saturday, Chrissy Teigen became the latest celebrity to participate.
    • Chrissy called special attention to her "Twitter" square for the challenge, for which she used a video clip of her expletive-filled moment on the Grammys red carpet.
      • When a fan commented admitting that they've never known exactly what Chrissy was saying in the much-bleeped clip, the model replied with the full, unedited quote, solving a longstanding Chrissy Teigen mystery once and for all.

        Chrissy Teigen can add "Queen of Memes" to her long list of totally real, not-made-up internet honors and awards.

        The model and best-selling cookbook author took to Instagram on Saturday to share her take on the viral Dolly Parton Challenge. If you've managed to miss it, the Dolly Parton Challenge involves sharing four photos of yourself in a grid, one each for four of the most popular social media platforms.

        Chrissy shared a very profesh picture for LinkedIn, a face mask photo for Instagram, and one of her Sports Illustrated swimsuit shots for Tinder. But it was her Twitter square that really took centerstage.

        For Twitter, Chrissy shared a video clip of her famously bleeped Grammys red carpet moment. She called attention to the square in the post's caption, writing, "Grammys are tomorrow! We all know I love an award show."

        When a fan admitted in a comment that they've never known what Chrissy was actually saying in the expletive-filled Grammy clip, Chrissy came through and solved that mystery once and for all.

        "F*ck you don't yell at me, f*ck," she replied in a comment. Then, she clarified, adding, "Actually, 'F*ck you don't yell at me, f*ck, sh*t,' to be specific."

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        Happy Awards Season. #CommentsByCelebs

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        Case. Closed.

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