Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Shared a Romantic Moment — and Then He Left Her in an Elevator

Kardashian shared the accidentally hilarious video.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian has been sharing photos and video of her and husband Kanye West during their recent trip to Paris together—including a set of photos she captioned "JPG & KFC" in which Kardashian poses in, natch, a John-Paul Gaultier dress, and West orders and then eats KFC. I'm pretty sure that's their relationship in a nutshell, right there. But it was an Instagram Stories video that was supposed to capture a sweet, romantic moment between the two that ended up being unintentionally hilarious, thanks to some eagle-eyed fans who immediately began roasting West.

The video is below, but let me summarize. Kardashian and West are making out in an elevator as it descends (someone is filming the moment outside the elevator, so it's clearly a planned thing). The doors open, and West exits looking happy and embarrassed...leaving Kardashian inside the elevator to pick up two enormous bags. She stares after him as the elevator doors begin to swing shut. It is...a real joy, I'll be honest.

In my mind, this is how it went down. Kardashian has an idea for a fun video. West, who generally isn't about PDA in public (as per the recent "Jumbotron incident") reluctantly agrees. Kardashian gets her moment, and West basically sprints out of there, totally relieved that it's over. Kardashian's like, "Wait, WHAT??"—you can kind of see it in her face in that last moment of the video. And I giggled, won't lie (so did a bunch of other fans, so I'm not alone).

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