Vanessa Hudgens Has Really Been Leaning Into "Thirsty Thursdays"

Every single sultry shot is amazing.

Vanessa Hudgens 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Arrivals
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  • Continuing the trend of #ThirstyThursday on Instagram, Vanessa Hudgens is giving us/me the energy I needed to get to Friday.
  • The three photos and video she just shared are glorious—even her hair is thirsty!
  • The actor and singer has always been stylish and chic, but she's really amped up the energy lately.

Vanessa Hudgens, badass, is at it yet again with more #ThirstyThursday content to get us through the week. She's been keeping the trend going for the last several weeks; Earlier in the month, Hudgens even shared a very sexy lingerie photo as a part of a Details shoot that got over a million likes. And this week is no exception—even her hair is getting in on the action, and I am extremely into it. Now, if I could only get my hair to do that...

First, she shared a video (likely a photoshoot) of her sweaty at the gym. "Look how sweaty she is...she must be #THIRSTYthursday bahahahahahaha." Like, she's just going over the top on the trend now, and this energy is what I need for a Friday. Then she posted a pic of her in a bikini on her(?) deck: "Thursdays. Am I right 😉." Yes, yes you are, Vanessa. And finally, a photo of her looking sun-kissed with the shiniest, healthiest-looking hair I've ever seen. "I think my hair was thirsty 🤷🏻‍♀️😉😉," she wrote. Amazing.

News outlets have been sure to remind us that Hudgens has really amped up the sexy content since splitting with her longtime boyfriend Austin Butler in January, but frankly I think she's allowed to be as badass as she wants, whenever she wants. Also, totally unrelated, I need to exercise more. And Hudgens has spoken before about her clean eating, so, uh, I also need to eat better.

Here are some of the posts:

I love it so much.

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Vanessa Hudgens

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